Gold Glass House Hanging Terrarium with Gold Chain

Gold Glass House Hanging Terrarium with Gold Chain


This hanging golden glass house terrarium is a real show-stopper! It adds a warmth and touch of class to its environment. It can be hung by its gold chain (included!), or can sit on a shelf, mantle, or desk. 


It is made entirely of faux succulents, so it is always beautiful with no work - you just need to flip the switch on the hidden battery pack, which is inside the moss.


I handmade this terrarium by putting a layer of moss down, as well as hiding the battery pack in the moss. Next I placed several faux (but real looking!) succulents inside. Finally, I took mini green succulents and tied them onto the string lights, one at each little light. And then I wove the string lights inside the terrarium. Gorgeous!



Length: 4"
Width: 6 5/8"
Height: 9 3/4" (17 1/4" Including Chain)