Pearl Fisherman by the Great Wall of China

Pearl Fisherman by the Great Wall of China


I had the privilege of visiting China several years ago, and was able to visit many of the landmark places in Beijing and near that area. One of the most spectacular places we visited was Laolongtou ('Old Dragon's Head'), which is where the East end of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty meets the Bo Sea. Imagine being in such a historic place, with such a gorgeous structure which leads you directly into the Sea. Incredible. My friend had the foresight to suggest we watch the sunrise over the Sea one morning, and as we walked toward the horizon, I saw 2 fishermen's bicycles leaning up against the Wall. As we reached the Sea, I saw these 2 men fishing for something in the water. We soon found out they were searching for clams and the pearls inside as they came up and showed us. I bought 4 pearl necklaces from them. But before they came out of the water I was able to snap this picture of the sunrise. I thought this was a perfect moment, with the golden sun just peaking its head above the Sea. Light!

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