Red Bicycle in the Garden in Germany

Red Bicycle in the Garden in Germany


In 2006, I was a young 23 year old and decided to buy a one way ticket to Germany - a place I had visited once to help teach English. I fell in love with everything about Germany, and primarily the people. I have always felt that with the German culture that once someone lets you into their heart as a dear friend, you are friends for life, period. Its hard to find that in other cultures, including America (in my opinion). I wanted to go back and just explore and be young.

I ended up connecting with the family who were friends of my parents and they had children my age. So I spent almost everyday at their home. One day I was in their backyard for just a few minutes and saw this bicycle, with overgrown grass making it look so interesting. So I hopped down there to take a picture, and this is what I got. I love this photo dearly. It hangs in my own home and I have sold a few prints in the past of this. I hope you love it, even if you don't have a place for it in. your home, I hope you enjoy looking at it. Thanks!

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